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Craftsman-Designed, Natural Material Yurts

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Yurts for Sale, Pairing Ancient Design with Modern Standards

From backyard getaways to children's play spaces to beautiful, imaginative Yurt homes, the options and choices are limitless! 

Great Lakes Yurt Co. is committed to making ancient designs meet with modern building standards to form your Yurt kit. We have Yurts for Sale for all uses. Our Yurt options are limitless and can fit whatever style or budget you may have. We have purposely designed our yurts to be easily assembled by even the novice builder yet they maintain their integrity. We have yurts for sale that can inspire the imagination and create a unique space. Take a look around our Yurts for Sale to find the cost of our Yurt kits for sale.

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Intricate Designs, Custom Options for Yurt Homes for Sale

Our Yurt Homes are professionally sewn and assembled before being packaged in the perfect container that's just waiting for you to call it home. Choose the options that fit your needs and get a fast quote on building a custom Yurt by going straight to the Yurt Shop and finding a Yurt for Sale that fits your needs.

Check out our Yurt Blog as well to keep up to date on our Yurt news.

Innovative Yurt Living Made Affordable For Your Yurt Home

Each yurt is custom built to your exact specifications for design and material. With decades of experience under our belts, we apply our specialty skills into building truly special living spaces. Our desire is to build and sell Yurt homes that are both amazing and affordable.

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To even find out exactly What is a Yurt

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Natural, organic Mongolian-based design

Build Your Perfect Living Space

Customize your yurt to fit your needs for size, color, and more. Each model can be specially designed at your request, and comes with everything you need.