Frequently Asked Questions

Yurt installation, yurt lifetimes, and more.

We provide an instruction manual when we send you your yurt. You can follow a step by step guide for the setup process and find helpful tips.

If you need assistance, you can call our customer support at: (269) 808-3664.

Many clients also choose to hire a contractor to help install their yurt - if you choose this option, make sure you hire someone familiar with yurt setup and yurt platform construction. 

Timeframe for setup can vary depending on the style of yurt you ordered, along with the skill of you & your crew. An average timeframe is genearlly between 2-4 days. 

The covering of your yurt is warrantied for 7 years, depending on the sun exposure at your site the cover should last anywhere from 10-20 years. The rest of the yurt will last indefinitely as long as the cover is in good shape and keeping it dry.

NEVER use a pressure washer on your yurt, as this is a very harsh cleaning method that can cause damage. You can use mild soap + water to wash the walls. Any deep stains on the internal liner that cant be cleaned off with soap and water can usually be cleaned with a "magic eraser" type product. 

Based on your local community, you may need a building permit - we recommend checking with your local authorities. 

Yes you can! Attaching a secondary yurt or other structure can be done by building a hallway between the two structures, or between the two doorframes. 

Yes, your yurt is specifically designed to be built on a deck or platform. We recommend a round foundation that meets the exact diameter of the yurt and we do have plans for wood framed decks.

Decks are not included with your yurt kit. 

Flooring does not come as part of your yurt kit. If you plan on leaving your yurt up permanently and want a good seal we recommend flooring. If your just setting up for a short time you can setup right on the ground like our festival model pictured here. 

Kids playing by Yurt

Build Your Perfect Living Space

Customize your yurt to fit your needs for size, color, and more. Each model can be specially designed at your request, and comes with everything you need.