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Buy A Yurt

What is like when you Buy a Yurt from Great Lakes Yurt…
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Yurts for Sale Near Me

You can find Yurts for sale all over the place these days.…
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Quality, Natural Materials in our Yurt Construction

At Great Lakes Yurt Co., quality at every level of construction is…
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Great Lake Yurt Co.’s 2017 Festival Memories

Winter in Michigan provides ample time for reflecting on the previous year,…
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Want to Live in a Yurt? Yurt it up!

It’s 2018 and the Nations most popular past time of super bowl…
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Yurts as Yoga Studios

There are many ways our clients utilize yurts to both add value…
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Cold Weather Yurts: A Closer Look at Reflective Insulation

Here in Michigan, we are well aware of the importance of being…
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Yurt Life: A Minimalist Approach to the New Year

With a new year underway, many of us are looking at ways…
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Yurts for Sale on Craigslist

Often our customers are looking to find the best deal on a…
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The Science of the Yurt

When it comes to living in the round there is all sorts…
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Yurts in the Winter

What is Great Lakes Yurt Co. up to these days now that…
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Why our Yurts are Different than those Other Yurts

Healthy Yurts Happy Yurts When we started building Yurts the first yurt…
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Yurts as Medicine

Yurts as Medicine Recently we helped put up a Yurt at a…
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The Original Yurt Home Kit Builders

The Other day we were reminded of the ancient wisdom and power…
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What is a Yurt?!

What is a Yurt? I get asked all the time “What is…
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Supporting Local Music and Agriculture

We recently spent some time out at Earthworks Harvest Gathering, a local…
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The Legend Lives On…

The Legend lives on from the Chippewa on down… The starting line…
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Build Your Perfect Living Space

Customize your yurt to fit your needs for size, color, and more. Each model can be specially designed at your request, and comes with everything you need.

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