What is like when you Buy a Yurt from Great Lakes Yurt Co? The first step customers take is to visit our website and view different options we have available. You can see all sizes and options in our Yurt Store ;  there is also a price calculator to let you know exactly how much your kit will cost. After you found something you like you can send the model you selected to us and we will follow up with an immediate email.

At this point most people who want to buy a Yurt will give us a call. You can reach us at (269) 808-3664 to speak with our knowledgable Yurt staff. We can talk over any custom options you may have interest in or questions about the basics of Yurt building. We are confident we can answer any of your questions or at least point you in the right direction!

After you feel confident in your choice of a Yurt and the logistics we take a 50% deposit to start the building of your dream space. Great Lakes workshop gets to work and all the custom wood work, design, and sewing is completed in house. We typically have a 4-6 week turnaround time at this point. Once the kit is complete it’s time to ship.

We can deliver your Yurt anywhere! Obviously the farther away you our from our location the higher the price tag for delivery is. We have highly competitive rates with our shipping provider and we also have our own trailer for hauling kits on our own. Once we know the size you want and the location it’s going to we can give you an accurate price quote for shipping.

Once your Kit has arrived it is time to build! This is the most exciting part and probably the moment you have waited for. We have two options at this point. You can self build with the help of our instructions and on demand phone support. You can also hire us to personally set up your Yurt. Most set ups take around 1-2 days for our team. You can plan for a week to build your own.

After that it’s time to sit back and enjoy living in the Round!


Yurt Delivery


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