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Yurt Homes

Yurt Homes are quickly becoming a viable alternative on the the tiny homes scene. People are designing and building all different types of Yurt Homes, from modern to original designs passed down from the Mongolian tribes. Check out the link below to see a wide array of different Yurt Homes, showcasing the wide range of uses of Yurts.


Yurt Home

Yurt Home

There was a great interview detailing a lot of the common misconceptions around Yurt Homes with Yurts of Hawaii. It provides great insight and information for anyone looking into the Yurt Home movement. Here is a question posed in the article:

‘You talked about it a little bit, but what are the legal hoops that you have to jump through with permitting and such?

Our biggest challenges when we started permitting were a lot of misconceptions. They didn’t think that the yurt would hold up to the wind, and we proved through rigorous engineering and testing that they would hold up to 110 mph winds with the basic wind kit. We have an alpine yurt that will withstand, gosh, probably up to 150 mph winds. And the standard one is going to withstand up to 80 mph winds.

Insulation is a big one, especially in colder climates. They want to see the R-value. R-value is really an outdated way to figure insulation because modern insulations, they’ve been developed by NASA and they are reflective insulations. They’re phenomenal, lightweight, environmentally-friendly materials, but they don’t meet R-value, because they just act a whole different way.”


Why Live in a Yurt? And How Much Does It Cost? A Conversation with Melissa Fletcher


Even more proof that Yurt Homes is becoming a mainstream alternative is seeing the cost of Yurt Homes trending on Home Advisors website. Check out the link below to see the trend in pricing and for more basic information on Yurt Homes.

We would love the opportunity to provide you with your new Yurt Home. Check out our Yurt Shop for pricing and options or our Contact page to get into direct contact with our team to get started on our dream Yurt Home!

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