At Great Lakes Yurt Co., quality at every level of construction is a top priority. To create yurt kits that will stand the test of time a craftsman must choose materials that are known for their strength and durability. Furthermore, using natural materials compliments the natural settings in which these yurts are built, as well as the lifestyles of our clients. Natural cotton canvas and Douglas Fir lumber are two key elements we have found to be ideal for yurt construction.

Your living, work, or relaxation space should be an extension of the natural world. Our yurt coverings are made from 100% cotton canvas. Cotton canvas is an all-natural product, as opposed to the vinyl that is used by most yurt companies. Vinyl contains phthalates, lead, and cadmium, among other toxins. These chemicals are released into the atmosphere and pose serious health risks, such as cancer and birth defects. This risk is eliminated with the use of natural canvas.

Additionally, we use only Douglas Fir lumber when building our yurt kits. Douglas Fir is the strongest of the softwoods, with an unsurpassed strength-weight ratio it is an ideal choice for builders. Structurally stable, this wood is unique in that it can season well without changing shape. The grain pattern is also one of the most beautiful available, making Douglas Fir is the obvious top choice for yurt construction.

In yurts, as in life, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Our craftsmen take pride in producing a quality yurt kit by using premium materials. This provides a solid foundation for our clients, allowing them to then fill the space with their meaning and purpose. At this point, living in a yurt transforms into something much greater – “Life in the Round.”


For more information on the dangers posed by the production, use, and disposal of vinyl and PVC, check out the documentary Blue Vinyl.

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