Winter in Michigan provides ample time for reflecting on the previous year, as well as planning the next. 2017 was a great year for Great Lakes Yurt Co., and our favorite moments always centered on the people we connected with through our yurts. More than anything, the festivals we attended provided an ideal setting for using our yurts as a community gathering space.

First, we set up at Hollerfest at Frog Holler Farm in rolling woodlands of Brooklyn, MI. Hollerfest boasted a stacked lineup of talented musicians while maintaining an intimate, communal atmosphere. Our yurt transformed into a reading room, a space for children to play board games, and an inviting refuge from the August sunshine. The continuous laughter of children and echoes of acoustic guitars filled both the yurt and the hearts of those inside.

Next, we traveled to Lake City in northern Michigan to experience Earthwork Harvest Gathering. This was a slightly larger festival with a constant flow of Earthwork artists. Enthusiastic attendees wished every passerby a “Happy Harvest” while traveling between the different stages. We awoke to misty sunrises silhouetting the yurt and spent the night hours watching shooting stars slice through the darkness above.  Our yurt became a favorite gathering space for late night jam sessions, stretching the music scene into the wee hours of the morning.

In the end, our interaction with others within the canvas walls of a yurt will always be cherished memories. We can’t wait to create more this upcoming year and are excited as we plan the months ahead. Where do you hope to see us this year? Drop us a comment with your suggestions!


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