With a new year underway, many of us are looking at ways to simplify our lives. Not just a “resolution” that will drop away after a few weeks time, but a thorough refocusing of priorities – getting back to the roots and stripping away the superfluous that blurs out what is truly important. In today’s society of constant bombardment and movement, focus requires a deliberate, conscious effort. Yurts provide a great foundation for this minimalist approach to life.


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Great Lakes Yurt Co. originally started as a few guys with a plan to take one man out of inner city Chicago and place him in a yurt in the midst of a rolling field in Michigan. The goal was the physical healing of his diabetes. While he experienced dramatic improvements, what was most shocking was the lasting mental healing that occured. Removed from the noise and commotion of city life, he found peace and serenity in the simplicity that living in a yurt provided. It proved to be a radically life altering experience.

When forced to choose what is truly necessary to live a minimalist life, it is immediately obvious how little material objects matter. When they are pared away from our lives, what we find in their place are relationships – our relationship with nature, others, and ourselves. Many of us struggle to gain focus in this busy world. We have voices shouting for our attention at every turn and hearing our own quiet voice inside is a constant battle. Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe we could all use a little more Yurt Life mentality.

Yurt in the Sunrise

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