Often our customers are looking to find the best deal on a Yurt for sale on the internet that they can possibly find. That path usually leads them to looking on craigslist. There can be a lot of potentially great oppurtunities out there on craigslist, but there is also some major downsides to purchasing off of craigslist.

One major pitfall is once you’ve purchased your Yurt for sale on craigslist there is no team of Yurt experts on the other end of the phone to help you with any and all of your yurt questions, problems or troubleshooting. At Great Lakes Yurt Co. our commitment doesn’t end after we take your credit card or check. If you are experiencing any issues with your yurt for any reason we are more than happy to take your call and walk you through whatever situation may arise.

This happened recently to a client of ours who was struggling to install some doors into the yurt post set up. We were able to make a quick trip to his Yurt site and spend a couple hours helping tweak any mistakes back to working order without charge. We are more than happy to build a big happy Yurt family for anyone who purchases a Great Lakes Yurt Co. Yurt. We are here to build Yurts and a beautiful community around these sustainable structures.

The next problem we hear people run in to is a lack of all the parts. Without ever building a yurt previous to purchasing a Yurt it is hard to know all of the pieces and parts that should belong with your Yurt kit. It can be hard to find missing pieces for your yurt not being the original owner of the yurt. This can lead to an improper set up of the Yurt which can precipitate to more serious problems down the road for your structure.

Once you purchase a Great Lakes Yurt not only does it come with everything you will need for a full set up we also provide you with extra pieces and parts free of charge when your yurt shows up. This is to help with any of those unforeseen problems you may run into so that you are not stuck even if you happen to break a rafter on set up day or snap some of the khan (lattice walls) as well. Just one more reason why possibly saving a few hundred bucks is not necessarily worth it.

The biggest reason many people turn to searching for Yurts for sale on craigslist is to try and save money. I can certainly understand this point because the first yurt I ever built was after I scoured the internet to purchase a Yurt and could not justify the prices I was seeing with what the Yurt would be used for. Its tempting to run out there and automatically assume that just because its used and on craigslist that it is the cheapest Yurt out there. The reason we started this company was to provide an alternative to the expensive Yurts we were seeing on the internet already. We have tried to price our Yurts at a very very competitive pricing even with some of the used Yurts that being sold out there. We are able to do this by maintaining an amazing staff of local craftsman for all the different pieces to the yurt puzzle.

We also have offered financing options for several Yurt customers so far, and we are open to helping anyone fullfill their Yurt dreams. Just call us today and see what we can do to help you start living in the round today!

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