What is Great Lakes Yurt Co. up to these days now that the leaves have all fallen and the weather has turned? We are still out there putting yurts up and building new ones in the workshop. We designed these Yurts to withstand the toughest conditions throughout the Midwest and we do the same!

Here is a picture of the Great Lakes Yurt Co. team setting up a Yurt while the snow piles up around us this winter. The snow and cold doesn’t slow us down at all and it doesn’t slow down our Yurts either. We install rafter supports and a unique rafter blocking system that provides maximum strength to our Yurt roofs when holding snow loads no matter where you are located at.

A Yurt in the winter can be one of the coziest places in this world when your settled next to a fire built in your wood burning stove that pipes through a wood stove flange that we can install in any Yurt that is going in a Norther climate. The circular shape and glow of the fire will keep you warm and comfortable all winter long, and make it a season that you anticipate instead of dread. Our Yurts make the perfect escape in the winter as a retreat from the daily grind as a place to unwind and relax into a warm inviting space like nature intended.

Call us today and see what kind of unique getaway Great Lakes Yurt Co can provide you with.

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