Yurts as Medicine

Recently we helped put up a Yurt at a healing center in Illinois which has had me thinking about what is the power of a space to help in healing. It may sound a little crazy that a space can be part of a healing process for either physical or psychological trauma, but there is quite a bit of scientific evidence out there that shows that the environment an organism is in helps to shape that organism.


You can have two similar people say twins, but if you put them in two completely different environments you have two completely different people. So if you have to choose between two different spaces to facilitate healing of the body you can choose between being stuffed in a box shaped room with fluorescent lights and artificial smells or you can find yourself in a womb shaped circle room flooded with natural light and natural air and smells. The first choice leads to the body always being in a state of fight or flight. The latter was designed to be in line with the type of shelter that humans have sought for millennia.

The next time you are searching for healing it may be worth checking out those who are thinking deep enough to realize that not only does the practice matter, but the space that the practice takes place in can have just as big of an impact on results.

If this sounds like something you want to check out, then please take a look at our friends over at Essence Healing Home.

Some pictures from the finished project at Essence Healing Home.

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