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The Original Yurt Home Kit Builders

The Other day we were reminded of the ancient wisdom and power of those who walked this path before us. As we participate in continuing the tradition of Yurt building we are carrying on a traditional Home style that has lasted thousands of years, and we appreciate the ingenuity of those who came before us and set precedent for a path of sustainability and harmony with the earth. In remembering Indigenous Peoples day we celebrate those who came before and honor their tradition with the lives we lead now.

At Great Lakes Yurt Co. we have tried to stick close to the original design of the Mongols nomadic design, but we also wanted to keep a structure that could meet modern building standards and stand up to extreme weather no matter where you build your Yurt. We build and sell Yurt kits for your assembly, but these guys were doing it first.

It is amazing to see the core structure of the engineering feat they called the Yurt has survived to this day and we are proud to carry on the tradition.

Yurts on Netflix

Yurts on Netflix

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